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Brand and Communications

The multifaceted Brand and Communications team oversees all aspects of brand and community management, PR, and social media. They monitor and expand the reach of our brand, nurture the collector community on platforms like Reddit and Discord, and contribute to expanding the Displate experience beyond just posters.

Business Development

The team focuses on bringing new officially licensed content to our platform. Business Development manages relations with over 200 brands and companies, including Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros., or Universal, and continues to sign new contracts with some of the world’s most recognizable franchises.

Client Experience

They are committed to maintaining the utmost level of customer service satisfaction. Our dedicated team handles inquiries from both Displate customers and artists, ensuring that every interaction is met with prompt and effective resolution.

Creative Team

Serving as an internal agency, the Creative department handles all creative concepts that fuel our brand and marketing endeavors. From single taglines to full-scale ad campaigns, their blend of talent and strategic vision keeps Displate’s visual identity compelling and consistent across all channels.

Data & Analytics

The Data & Analytics team acts as Displate’s leading innovation hub that empowers data-informed decision making across the organization. They manage the data stack, research new technologies and trends, and help our products, marketing, and operations keep a competitive edge.

Digital Product Design

The Digital Product Design crew is all about creating experiences with customers in mind. They collaborate with other departments, ensuring that Displate products and services are introduced in an intuitive, engaging, and seamless way. They stay agile and responsive to always meet the needs of the dynamic market.


Frontend, Backend, DevOps, and Software Quality – the entire Engineering department operates as a single organism. Together with analysts and product designers, they ensure regular knowledge exchange and establish technical standards for all Displate projects.

Finance & Legal

The backbone of Displate's financial operations, our Finance team diligently manages the financial resources of the organization to ensure sustainability and growth. The Legal team works in tandem, serving as guardians of the company’s legal interests and compliance obligations.

Influencer Marketing

Working with global content creators across different niches and platforms, the Influencer Marketing department keeps chasing new heights for Displate brand awareness. Through sponsorships and brand activations, they help introduce our metal posters to new passion-driven audiences.


40,000 thousand artists sell their art on our platform and they can all rely on the Marketplace department. The team fosters and grows the Displate artist community, provides them with comprehensive support, and helps refine the website, tools, and content to ensure they meet the artists’ needs.

People & Culture

Displate heart beats in the People & Culture department. They focus on fostering a supportive, inclusive, and vibrant work environment for everyone to feel valued and empowered to excel. Through comprehensive HR services, the team strives to make Displate a place where talent meets organizational success.

Performance Marketing

The Performance Marketing department is a key contributor to Displate’s digital success, specializing in leveraging various customer acquisition channels, such as Meta Ads and Google Ads. Together with the CRM and Loyalty team, they focus on achieving our key objectives through results-driven marketing.

Physical Product Design

It’s here in the Physical Product Design department where ideas take shape and dreams become reality. The team of innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and skilled engineers work together to create products that exceed expectations. Or, in other words, Displate products.

Product Management

It’s here on Displate.com where every metal poster starts its journey to millions of walls. The Product department is responsible for managing the processes and cross-functional dependencies to bring new products, features, and functionalities to our online marketplace.


Joining cutting-edge technology with craftsman expertise, the Production team is focused on ensuring quality every step of the way: from Displates’ soft metal edges to their clever reusable cardboard boxes. It’s here where things get made, and where every detail counts.

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Still curious?

Do you have an office in the US?

While we do have a company registered in the US and maintain a mailing address there, we've opted not to have a physical office. Our team members are spread across different states, making a centralized office impractical. Instead, we focus on fostering collaboration and communication virtually, allowing our team to work efficiently from their respective locations.

What's the ultimate perk of Displate that wows you the most?

The ultimate perk of Displate is our culture of embracing creativity and experimentation. At Displate, we encourage people to think outside the box, to test new ideas, and even to make mistakes, because we believe that we're all works in progress. This fosters an environment where innovation thrives and where every team member feels empowered to explore their full potential.

Moreover, Displate is more than just a platform—it's a community that brings people closer to their passions. We believe that everyone has a unique voice and deserves a platform to express themselves. Whether you're a LEGO master, a pop culture geek, a gamer, or passionate about any other interest, Displate provides a canvas for self-expression.

By gathering individuals with diverse passions and backgrounds, Displate creates a rich tapestry of creativity, where everyone's unique perspective is celebrated and valued. This is the ultimate perk that sets Displate apart—an environment where creativity knows no bounds and where everyone can find their place to shine.

In what departments can I develop myself? Can I join different initiatives in Displate?

At Displate, opportunities for personal and professional development abound across all departments. Whether it's Marketing, Design, Engineering or any other area, each department offers avenues for growth. Moreover, we actively foster interdisciplinary projects that welcome participation from employees across different teams.

Do you give feedback post each recruitment phase? What if I fail? Will I still receive the feedback?

Yes, we provide feedback after every phase of the recruitment process. Our dedicated Recruitment team ensures that each candidate receives constructive feedback regardless of the outcome. We believe in transparency and value each candidate's efforts throughout the process. At Dispalte we believe that receiving feedback transforms failure into a stepping stone toward success. We like to see candidates who come back after a while!

How do you manage remote talents at Displate if there are any?

Productivity and team building regardless of your galactic coordinates. At Displate, we have a diverse team of talented individuals located across Europe and the US. We prioritize fostering collaboration and communication virtually through a variety of methods:

  1. Slack Communication: We utilize Slack for instant messaging, team channels, and quick communication to ensure that team members can easily connect and collaborate.
  2. Online Team and Company Meetings: We regularly schedule team meetings and company-wide gatherings online. These meetings facilitate discussions, updates, and alignment across different time zones.
  3. Project Management and Whiteboarding Tools: To streamline project workflows and foster creativity, we leverage various project management tools and virtual whiteboarding platforms. This allows our remote talents to collaborate on projects effectively and visually.
  4. Integration Trips: We organize integration trips to bring team members together in person, fostering stronger relationships and deeper collaboration. These trips provide valuable opportunities for team bonding and alignment on company goals.
  5. One-on-One Meetings: We encourage regular one-on-one meetings between team members and managers to provide support, feedback, and alignment on individual goals and projects.

By employing these strategies, we ensure that our remote talents feel connected, supported, and empowered to collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world.

Is remote work or flexible scheduling available at Displate?

Face-to-face collaboration cultivates vibrant centers of creativity. We encourage fostering innovation in the workplace. Our hiring team will address remote work options, office regulations, and home office policies during discussions.

Working hours at Displate are flexible – you can start your working day anytime between 8 and 10 AM.

Life happens, we know, and any time you have to go see a doctor, walk your dog, or pick up your kid from school, that’s absolutely okay! You can start your work earlier the next day or simply stay a little longer to finish, whichever works best for you and your team.

Do you have an inclusive hiring process?

Displate is an equal opportunity employer. We are a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure all people feel supported and connected at work.We consider all qualified applicants for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other factors prohibited by law.

How do you hire?

At Displate, we believe in a personalized approach to hiring that ensures the best fit for both our team and our candidates. While the recruitment process may vary slightly depending on the position, it typically involves 3 to 5 steps of engaging recruitment meetings.

  1. Initial Video Chat with our Recruiter: Your journey begins with a video chat with our experienced recruiter. This initial conversation allows us to get to know you better, discuss your skills and experiences, and ensure alignment with our company culture and values.
  2. Meet the Manager: Following a successful initial chat, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the hiring manager. This conversation delves deeper into the specifics of the role, team dynamics, and how your expertise can contribute to our goals.
  3. Team Introduction: We believe that fitting into the team is just as important as fitting into the role. You'll have the chance to meet some of the team members you'll be working closely with, giving you a glimpse into the collaborative environment at Displate
  4. Task Assessment. For certain positions, we may require candidates to complete a task or assignment relevant to the role. This step allows us to gauge your practical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Throughout the entire process, our aim is to make it as enjoyable and insightful as possible for you. We value transparency, open communication, and mutual respect, ensuring that both parties feel comfortable and engaged every step of the way.

Are there any after-hours initiatives at Displate?

Absolutely! At Displate, we offer a range of after-hours activities to bring our team together and promote well-being outside of work. From our weekly book club and Monday board game sessions to monthly football games and winter swimming and sauna sessions, there's something for everyone to enjoy.