All Hands On Deck: Strategic Reveals And Speedboats

All Hands On Deck meetings, or AHOD, are key events in every Displater’s calendar. It’s where the whole team comes together to share major updates, discuss crucial milestones, and reinforce our collective vision.

This last AHOD, however, was special. And not just because it let us put our hands on an actual deck.

But first, let’s rewind a few months to when Bartek Małecki was announced as the new Displate CEO. Stepping into the role, Bartek brought a fresh perspective and shaped a new two-year growth strategy for the world’s biggest global metal poster marketplace. Now that he had time to fully immerse himself into the Displate culture, Bartek wanted to share this new strategic roadmap with the entire organization – all while saying a proper hello.

June’s AHOD meeting, the first hosted by our new CEO, provided the perfect opportunity.

With the help of our Design Studio, Bartek put a creative spin on the AHOD formula, revealing the 2025-2027 strategy with custom-designed Displates. Poster by poster, the team experienced first-hand the idea of “displating” – the phrase coined to encapsulate both the essential Displate experience and the key elements of the strategy, such as new pop culture partnerships and collaborations, a stronger focus on tailored customer experiences, and a Displate Club overhaul.

Once the presentation concluded and we soaked up the plans for the future, it was time to soak up some sun. From the Displate offices, we headed straight to a riverside restaurant for a BBQ, music, and… speedboats!

Cutting through the waters of the Vistula while marveling at the scenic Warsaw skyline from the deck of a speedboat is how every AHOD should end from now on. There, we said it.

All hands on deck, everyone – let’s ride the waves of the future and displate ourselves together!

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